Return Policy

In case you receive a product that is different than the one you ordered, or you are not satisfied with the purchase, please get in touch with us to return the product. Products may be returned within 24 hours from the date of delivery, provided they haven’t been used. Products may be returned for refunds equal to the price of the returned items. We cannot accept products that aren’t in the same condition they were in before shipping.

Pre-Return Checklist
In order to ensure the return process goes as smoothly as possible and that you receive your refund promptly, please ensure that your product(s) meet the following requirements before attempting a return:

  • See that every product is in the same condition it was in before shipping, and that it is packed carefully and properly for shipping
  • Products must not be used. It must be free from marks, or other disfigurations.

If all the above conditions are not met, we cannot accept the return. Also note that if you choose to use a different courier to return the product(s), the package(s) are considered your responsibility until they arrive at our warehouse. We can’t be liable for any delays, damages, or losses incurred while using any different courier.

Premium Support
We also offer live customer service if you have questions about the doses, or need a consultation about what supplement you should take. Our goal is first and foremost to improve the lives of our customers and providing everyone with the support necessary to make changes in your health. We can suggest one of our many other great products to help you achieve your personal goal. However with any medical advice, please seek help from trained physicians on long term effects or goals, then begin using supplements and other products. Our team of customer service experts are available to you at a moment’s notice in order to make you the customer feel how much we value your time and efforts.

Please consult your physician or doctor before purchasing any of our products. Do your research to know more about the potential allergens and follow all detailed instructions. We are not liable for overdosing or negative side effects as a result of improper use of our product(s).

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