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My love for wines started when I was 23 years old on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico. I decided to have a glass of chardonnay for the very first time and I loved it. I actually pulled the label off so I could remember that very moment. I am sure it was a “cheap” bottle but anyhoo…I was hooked! Ironically, red wines would become my favorite, but I still love me some good “buttery” chard on a hot summer day!

Flash forward 30 years and not only did I  build my own underground 5,000 bottle wine cellar, I’ve also traveled the world visiting wineries, vineyards and studying wines for years.
I have explored nearly every winery in California, and other countries, including my latest trip to Tuscany, Italy in 2019.

But as much as I had researched wines & champagnes, it had always been a little frustrating and challenging to know which brand to buy, which ones I would love, how much to spend, and how to pair them with the right foods. 

Moreover, I was all too familiar with the consistent-like-clockwork morning-after headache that accompanies a night of wine consumption. It became the most common drawback to drinking wine at all.

After this last trip to Italy, my life (and headaches) would forever be changed after a dear friend shared a new company called Scout & Cellar. They were creating clean-crafted wines, the first of their kind in the wine industry.

The founder of Scout & Cellar had stumbled upon the truth about mass-produced wine and what was really in the glass I was drinking (MIND BLOWN) and she decided to deliver a cleaner, healthier, better option for everyone.

After tasting their wines, champagnes and natural spritzers (and a little education) I decided ALL WINE LOVERS DESERVE TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!

Why…I would be doing a mighty disservice to NOT share this goodness!

So cheers to ALL WINE LOVERS in the world. Scout & Cellar is here…….

Get Holly’s Expert Guidance

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